TransientAccess is a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Solution

Select the best Zero Trust Network Access option for you - Replace the VPN, Secure the Workspace - Start Free!

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Disposable application network
Zoom-like experience
Zero cloud gateways (low latency connectivity)
Zero man-in-the-middle packet inspection
Completely hidden application server and DC/cloud network
Any device support
TX multi factor authentication
Advanced segmentation rules
Advanced DNS management
Split tunneling for SaaS access
SSO (okta, azure AD, AD) Integrations
Application visibility
No MDM & UEM dependency
Clipboard protection- copy/paste prevention
Print control
File protection - all files remain encrypted in secure container
File disposal - wipe all new files after session end
Keylogger protection
Customizable screen watermarking
Web filtering
Antivirus check
OS update & patch status
Network anonymizers
Virtual device control
Device integrity checks
User - device binding
Location and geofencing
Advanced SIEM integration
On premises deployment with limited telemetry to TransientX
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