Zero Trust Network Access

The new perimeter: Applications

Today’s dynamic business environments require a new paradigm

The traditional perimeter-based architectures were suitable for the days when servers were hosting enterprise apps inside a corporate data center, accessed by corporate users, using corporate issued devices. In those days, fixed device centric networks made it easy to define what “outside” is and secure “inside”.

Today’s dynamic business environments require a new paradigm that is past beyond old fixed perimeter-based approaches and suitable for building a new perimeter for corporate applications, hosted anywhere, accessed from anywhere.

TransientAccess provides zero trust network access to internal applications deployed in corporate networks, private clouds or data centers. It allows IT teams to build highly granular access policies and connects authorized users with resources (i.e. apps) without exposing them to the Internet. It ensures that authenticated users and enterprises apps are connected in a cloaked ephemeral network, invisible to attackers targeting them.

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