TransientAccess 2.0 now available

Like the ease of use of Zoom? You’ll love how easy we’ve made ZTNA with TA2.0


  • Unified User Experience
  • Friction-Free Browser-Based User Onboarding
  • Automatic Disposal of Application Contents
  • Built-In MFA Support

We’ve made it our mission to deliver zero-trust network access that provides a seamless, transparent user experience with no compromise on security. With the release of TransientAccess 2.0 we’ve delivered on that goal on multiple fronts:

Unified User Experience & Friction-Free Onboarding

We have simplified the end user experience significantly. The same lightweight client is available on all platforms, from IOS and Android to Windows and Mac.

We have also removed the friction of provisioning or installing our clients to endpoint devices, with a new seamless browser based experience. For mobile users they see:

TransientAccess mobile client

Desktop users see this:

TransientAccess 2.0 Desktop view
TransientAccess 2.0 Desktop view

Whether accessing via desktop or mobile, TransientAccess 2.0 provides a seamless, frictionless and consistent UX across all platforms.

MFA support built-in

Lack of MFA adoption by end users because of the friction and hassle involved is arguably one of the biggest security risks out there. Now TransientAccess has MFA support enabled, allowing TOTP-based authentication using common 2FA apps from Google, Microsoft, DUO and more.

Automatic Disposal of Application Contents

We have added a much-anticipated feature for automatically deleting container contents when going offline. With this new option, when users go offline or sign out, all the application contents can be erased from the device.

TransientAccess 2.0 new features
TransientAccess Automatic container content disposal

Ready to try for yourself? Contact us and we’ll get you set up today.

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