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Using Zero Trust Access to Replace VDI

VDI incurs a heavy overhead and still leaves security gaps. TransientX ZTA delivers a secure alternative at up to 70% lower cost.


Enterprises have been relying on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for nearly 30 years to protect their data and applications. Running VDI infrastructure or using its new cloud variant, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) can range between $500 to more than $1000/year per user when VDI licenses, MSFT licenses, network infrastructure or cloud costs are included. Further, the complexity of these systems requires support by highly skilled individuals at significant annual operational costs.

Zero Trust Access eliminates the need for VDI. TransientX provides a complete zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution at a total cost that can be up to 70% lower than VDI, with a fraction of time and skills required to support.

The Enterprise Security Challenge


Many enterprises process customer data that is regulated (for example banking information, health records) or worth significant sums in the wrong hands (identities, credit cards, digital certificates). To prevent data loss, security teams have relied on VDI to control access to applications holding this data. With VDI a virtualized Windows desktop via either a browser, or more often, a local application is used to perform their tasks.

The primary value of these solutions is twofold:

Protect application servers: Don’t let bad-actors access the data center or cloud where the apps and data reside ▪ Protect enterprise data: Don’t allow end-users to mis-use enterprise-held data

Traditionally a combination of VPN and VDI has been used to accomplish these goals with each delivering these key features:

VPN and Security Infrastructure: Protect app servers VDI: Protect data

▪ Single Sign On (SSO)

▪ Conditional Access Controls

▪ Network Segmentation


▪ Conditional Acces

▪ Copy-paste/down

▪ Keyboard logging

▪ Browser isolation

▪ Screen recording

VDI, whether it is run in a private data center (about 90% of usage in 2021) or in the cloud (e.g. Windows Virtual Desktops or Citrix Workspace), is complex to manage. It is also costly, with software and infrastructure costs of $50-70 per month before discounts, plus the fully loaded employee costs to manage these services. Even with cloud-hosted services, the complexity of application publishing, compatibility testing and managing connectivity to the application remain as work items.

VDI is predominantly used for app-access control in verticals where the loss of data has significant legal or financial consequences. These include healthcare (the top vertical for VDI), finance and insurance, call centers, manufacturing, legal and logistics. In all of these cases, either a browser or a set of thick-client apps are run in a VDI context. This represents 70-80% of the 300-500 million seat VDI market today.

Zero Trust Access solutions have emerged to protect data centers and cloud-based private applications. These solutions protect the enterprise data center or cloud application instances by:

  • Limiting users to access only applications for which they are assigned
  • Limiting client devices to only reach configured applications, while hiding all other servers.
  • Continuously assessing the user and device to ensure that their activities adhere to risk policies of the enterprise, including reviewing location, software and OS versions, and end-point protection levels
  • Using VPN-less access where an agent/connector is deployed in the data center and connects to a cloud-based gateway, eliminating the need for opening firewall ports

Customers using VDI still need to deploy additional security services. While this may be counter-intuitive at first glance, use of applications in VDI does not prevent breaches in data centers. A rogue application deployed in a VDI instance can still wreak havoc in a data center if it has unfettered access!

TransientAccess ZTA

TransientAccess ZTA
TransientAccess ZTA

TransientX unifies the solution into a single, cohesive cloud service that delivers true zero-trust security for the enterprise. With TransientX: ▪ VDI software or services are no longer required ▪ Enterprises get a complete ZTNA solution, ▪ Risks of breaches are steeply reduced with a no-gateway technology that eliminates cloud-based infrastructure through which enterprise data must pass.

TransientX is a complete VDI replacement for app-access control, representing more than 70% of use cases.

TransientX vs. VDI

TransientX vs. VDI

Implementing VDI services in the cloud brings significant cost of operations. As shown below, with a 3-year commitment, Cloud-based VDI solutions from Citrix cost at least $23/ month or nearly $300 per year with a 3-year commitment. In addition, a separate full ZTNA solution must be purchased to provide data center security. TransientX provides greater functionality, lower risk of security by virtue of not touching customer data in cloud services, while costing 66% to 75% less for the same solution when all costs are included.


Read more in our White Paper or contact us to get started with TransientX for free.

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Egemen Tas

22+ Years of Experience​

As President and Chief Executive Officer of TransientX, Inc., a pioneer in network of applications technology, he is responsible for strategy and day to day operations.​

Before TransientX, he served as Chief Technology Officer at COMODO Cybersecurity, and during his tenure created some of the world’s most disruptive cybersecurity products, including COMODO Endpoint Security, lauded by NSA and Wikileaks as impenetrable.

Egemen is also a noted “white hat” who has been cited in a number of ethical hacking publications and whose tools are still used today in related subject courses around the world, including those offered by the reputable SANS Institute.

He has been recently recognized in the industry as one of the 40 Most Influential Turkish Americans.

Egemen holds a degree in Computer Science from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Jeffrey S. Harrell

20+ Years of Experience​

Jeffrey has served as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer and VP of Business Strategy since June 2020.

Previously, he co-founded several technology companies which were subsequently acquired in the semiconductor and software industries. Jeffrey practiced corporate law for more than 20 years.

Jeffrey has a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law and a B.S. in accounting and finance from Virginia Tech.

He is also a certified public accountant (Virginia).

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Selhan Bilsay

20+ Years of Experience​

Selhan is responsible for engineering activities and product development ​

Before joining TransientX, he was the general manager of COMODO’s R&D operations in Turkey. ​

Being one of the leaders who worked in NATO cybersecurity doctrine, he is a seasoned expert in millitary defense industry with more than 15 years experience in the sector.

Selhan holds MBA degree from The Hague University, The Netherlands and BSc degree in Electronics Engineering from Hacettepe University, Ankara-Turkey

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Chad Loeven

As VP Marketing, Chad Loeven is responsible for all things digital and messaging. Chad has been involved in enterprise security for over 20 years and brings a thorough vision of our industry to the table, making sure our alignment within the industry is perfect.

After having successfully guided Vircom, Sunbelt (acquired by GFI) and Silicium (acquired by RSA), he directed RSA’s strategic partnerships. He most recently headed up VMRay’s U.S. operation, building out the sales, marketing and customer success teams.

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John Sarina

John is responsible for driving enterprise sales through our channel partners at Transientx.

Prior to Transientx, John has held sales leadership roles for notable startups NetScreen/Juniper, Riverbed, PaloAlto Networks. Johns experience bringing new disruptive technologies to market has yielded over $500 Million in revenue contribution.

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About Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure customers worldwide have access to TransientX’s flagship product TransientAccess to take advantage of the scalability, reliability and agility of Azure to drive true zero-trust security through zero-trust network access (ZTNA). Find us on the marketplace or read our blog post for more information.

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About Overwatch by High Wire Networks

Overwatch by High Wire Networks simplifies cybersecurity by delivering end-to-end protections for an organization’s networks, data, endpoints and users as an affordable monthly subscription service with predicable costs and no capital outlay. Customers get instant access to a scalable, future-proof security platform, including a 24/7 security operations center (SOC), continuous vulnerability assessments, managed zero trust remote access, security awareness training, real-time patch management and video surveillance. By tapping into our platform, managed services providers MSPs can achieve instant scale and immediate ROI, sidestepping the significant investment and time to market required to integrate best-of-breed technology, attract and retain expert security talent, and optimize processes.

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About CyFlare

Cyflare is a 24×7 Cyber Security Operations Center purpose built to enable Value Added Resellers, security partners and security vendors with MSSP and XDR services either as powered by or as a white label service. CyFlare enables VAR’s who cannot afford to invest or do not have the desire to focus on building those capabilities. It offers these benefits with no up-front investment or expertise required.

CyFlare offers a wide array of managed security services that are either cloud delivered or pre-configured within its SOC In a Box that allows several hardware models and many security applications including Stellar Cyber NG-SIEM, Tenable, Cisco Umbrella, Transient X Remote Access

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About Shifra

CShifra is a value-added distributor founded in 2007 based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with a partner network covering the Middle East region. Shifra provides expertise to enterprise customers around the Middle East in three main areas: Cyber Security, Identity Protection and Enterprise Mobility. With an extensive experience in channel development for multi – national vendors the Shifra team has the perfect aptitude to understand the needs of the market and satisfy them.

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About Logosoft

Logosoft’s vision is to provide digital services for SMBs to succeed in their businesses.

A trustworthy and long-standing distributor, Logosoft was founded in 1992 as Turkey’s first Microsoft Distributor. Starting in 2015 Logosoft transformed its business to digital and invested in the Logosoft360 Cloud Platform. With its wide portfolio of digital services and 2500 partners, Logosoft aims to become a cloud aggregator by providing all IT needs for SMBs

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About DemirBT

Founded in 2001, DemirBT provides services to a wide range of customers, ranging from cybersecurity to network infrastructure setup.
As one of the largest MSSPs in the region, they serve 90% of Fortune 100 companies in Turkey.

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About Leviathan

Founded in 2018 as a woman-owned business, Leviathan’s is to provide economical and reliable IT services to our customers. Through our Leviathan Channel Partner Program (“LCP”) we partner with unique, game changing technology companies to help bring them to market. We have built a complete approach to getting new companies and their products positioned and prepared to present to customers. We also assist emerging companies in outsourcing, or compliment their existing channel partner program.

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About Cozzi Consulting LLC

As a trusted technology advisor, we offer technology solutions to support all your business needs. Eliminate the vendor choices and get the best technology solutions for your unique needs by partnering with a consultant like us. We work with just about any technology that a business would encounter. Our diverse vendor relationships allow for the largest and best pre and post sales operations available to you at no additional cost.  A single relationship to handle order processing and post-sales support to achieve the best user experience.

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About Citrix

TransientX is a Citrix Ready partner. TransientAccess is compatible with Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp), delivering true zero-trust secure remote access for virtual desktops and other apps, whether on-prem or cloud. For more information, visit the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

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About McAfee

MCAFEE – Security Innovation Alliance Partner
TransientX is a Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) Partner. By integrating with McAfee Unified Cloud Edge (UCE), TransientAccess provides ZTNA for UCE customers, rounding out a SASE solution from the endpoint to the Cloud. McAfee UCE customers can provision this powerful ZTNA solution from TransientX with a few clicks of a mouse from within the MVISION Marketplace.

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Jared Hufferd

Jared brings 23 years of cybersecurity sales leadership experience to his role as CRO. His career spans many successful start-up companies, 3 IPOs and roles in top security organizations. Bringing new technologies with new approaches that solve real business problems has been his formula for success. Most recently, Jared was Head of Service Providers for Sumo Logic through the company's IPO.

Prior to Sumo, Jared was responsible for the go-to-market strategy for a new technology called XDR at Stellar Cyber.  He was also the top performing executive leader, driving most of the business at Network DVR SaaS provider, ProtectWise (now Verizon) and producing the majority of the business at NDR pioneer, Jared co-founded both Apere (now Citrix), Inc. & Secure DNA (now FireEye) simultaneously.  His career started in cybersecurity as the first Director of Service Providers at Netscreen Technologies (now Juniper).

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About BT Servisi

BT Servisi is founded in 2018 which provides infrastructure integrator and consultancy services throughout Turkey and the TRNC region, with accurate, high-qualified standards and economic solutions in the IT sector.

We aim to provide customer focused hardware & software solutions. Our main goal is to establish a long-term relationships providing continous improvement to our customers with the professional staff expertised in all IT processes.

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Hasan Türkyılmaz

Hasan is responsible for all areas of product management. Prior to TransientX, he started as a software developer 15 years ago before moving to product management. During a decade in product management at leading technology companies like Comodo he led multinational teams in 6 countries, covering product management, product marketing as well as involvement in sales and business development.

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About CyberArts

CyberArts, a well-known and highly-regarded distributor in the Turkish cyber security industry, was founded on the belief that every single organization needs and deserves the crème de la crème when there is a need for cyber services.

They provide the art of cybersecurity, for organizations who demand the art not just the ordinary, by working with people and partners who embrace both an artistic elegance and attention to detail.

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