Webinar Dec. 10th: Stop Ransomware, kill the VPN.

Webinar Stop Ransomware Dec. 10th

Find out how to stop Ransomware, secure RDP and kill the VPN with Zero Trust Network Access on Dec. 10th at 2PM ET on this live webinar with our partner Cozzi Consulting

Unsecure RDP connections and VPN are the two main ways ransomware can proliferate on a corporate network. Join us for a webinar on how to keep RDP access secure while eliminating the VPN with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). TransientX delivers ZTNA by creating disposable, transient connections between the user and the corporate resource, providing only the access needed for the time it’s needed, dramatically reducing the attack surface for hackers.

Our CEO Egemen Tas will be presenting, hosted by Tony Marcozzi of Cozzi Consulting and John Sarina, TransientX VP of Channels & Partnerships.

Cozzi Consulting
Tony Marcozzi
Cozzi Consulting
John Sarina VP Sales
John Sarina
VP, Channels and Partners
Egemen Tas. Founder & CEO
Egemen Tas
CEO and Founder

Register here and we’ll see you there!

Or if you can’t make it, read more about securing RDP with ZTNA to stop Ransomware at the source in this blog post: https://transientx.com/blog/stop-ransomware-attacks-at-the-source/